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Hosting an event and want to cut the waste?

DreamZero has diverted over 50,000 cups from landfill and we are on track to quadruple that in 2020!!

Our events range from marathons to street festivals, event spaces and concert halls and even private parties. Wth Dream Zero, we can supply cups and dishware (custom or generic), washing services and consultation so you can eliminate plastic waste at your event or venue.

Examples of Recent Events

Junction Night Market

We piloted a reusable mugware program with DreamZero, diverting nearly 4000 plastic cups from ending up in the landfill!”

DreamZero provided delivery, cups and pickup and wash services for the Junction Famrers Market annual Night Market. Patron paid a $2 deposit for each cup they “rented”, used it throughout the evening and returned it for their $2 deposit back.

Happy Trails Racing 

“Dream Zero has been an imperative part of our environmental initiatives that we’ve made to our events this past year! We’ve been able to rid ourselves of cup waste and also promote one of our generous sponsors through the branding on our cups! We diverted over 12,000 cups from landfill in 2019! We highly recommend Dream Zero and will definitely be partnering with them for future needs!”

Upcoming Events…

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Withrow's Winter Market

Popular East-end Withrow Park Farmers’ Market hosts 3rd annual Winter Market at the beautiful Crow’s Theatre

The Withrow Park Winter Market will take place on:
Saturday, December 21 – 10am to 4pm (< Click to view vendors on Saturday)
Sunday, December 22 – 11am to 4pm (< Click to view vendors on Sunday)

Crow’s Theatre at Dundas and Carlaw.
345 Carlaw Avenue, Toronto

Admission is FREE! Crow’s Theatre is a wheelchair accessible space. Stroller and dog-friendly too!

DZ EVENT services eliminate

single-use cups and plates


Sade has some questions for Genji. Genji runs a street festival where he is expecting 50,000 people in a span of 2 days. 


Sade – “So how do reusable plates and cups work at a festival, do you sell them?”

Genji – “Nope. Our festival works like this; we charge a deposit fee of $2 for a cup and $2 for a plate, then you take that cup into the beer tent, buy a drink, and reuse that cup numerous times. You can also use that plate numerous times. When you are done with either you can return at a designated area for your $2 deposit back!”

Sade – “Oh cool, so I can get a plate when I want to eat and a cup for when I want to drink?”

Genji – “Yes, and you can return either item whenever you’d like. Most people use the same one all day. The great thing about DreamZero is that they can wash throughout the day so they can replenish the stock if you begin to run short. If you want to hold onto your cup all day, they also offer a necklace that attaches to your cup so you don’t have to hold onto it.

Sade -”Whaaa? That’s flexible! What about if someone doesn’t return the cup or the plate?”

Genji – “Simple, we keep the $2 deposit and give it back to DreamZero, this covers the cost.”

Sade – “Wow, that is easy. How much do each plate and cup cost to rent?”

Genji – “There’s a delivery and pickup fee, there is a table fee if you require their staff to manage the deposit and return system and then each item is $0.30 each to rent. It ends up being very cost-effective because a disposable cup is about $0.08/ea. and if someone uses the cup 4 times then we actually make money, but also we are not even emptying the garbage cans throughout the day, and that is so much easier to manage. We don’t need nearly the same amount of volunteers and they don’t have to walk through the crowd with smelly bags of garbage.”

Sade – “That is sensational! I have a party I am throwing next week, could I rent for that?”

Genji – “They will do events between 100-10,000 units, but can be flexible on numbers if you are close to one of their wash facilities.

Interested in having reusable cups and plates at your next event?

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