Easy come… DZ GO

Notice: DZ GO Pilot Program started in late October 2019, currently we are experimenting with containers, and reviewing mug options for mid-year 2020. 

DreamZero’s “DZ GO” Pilot Program is the simplest reusable model for the foodservice industry to adopt. Restaurant and cafe owners know what will work best for their operations, so we let them choose! We help them source the containers, decide on the model, implement strategies to embed into their operations and communicate with their customers. It’s takeout, without the throw out!

Each store owner can determine how the program works at their business. They may accept exchanges, give store credit, and/or give deposits back. Or they may decide that containers are final sale and exchangable, but not for credit or deposit return. This way the store gets to decide what works best for them.

Interested in our current container types? Check out our selection here.

DZ GO in action

The DZ GO system enables cafes and restaurants to reduce, reuse, and return in ways they’ve never been able to before. 

Meet Lupe, she runs a local Cafe. 

DreamZero To Go Reusable Containers are a open and closed loop system

Lupe is working cash today. Morgan is next in line, he owns “Morgon’s Cafe” down the street.

Lupe – “Good morning Morgan”

Morgan – “Good morning. All of your customers are using these reusable containers, what gives?”

Lupe – “I wanted to cut the garbage from my business and find a solution to bring customers back. And I know reusables have the least environmental impact compared to compostable and recyclable containers, so I chose DreamZero’s DZGO coffee cups and containers. 

Excuse me Morgon, I have a customer…. Hi Genji!”

Genji – “Hey, can I get a reusable DZGO cup with my coffee?”

Lupe – “Sure thing, that’s $5 on top of the coffee, and you can exchange the cup for a clean one when you come in next.”

Genji – “Sweet!, hey just wondering if I can return this mug and get a new one? Do you offer a refund or exchange?”

Lupe – “No, I don’t provide refunds or rebates, just straight up exchanges. Some stores may give you a deposit back, but my customers always want something when they return.”

Morgon – “Ok, so customers can return cups to any other location serving DreamZero containers?”

Lupe – “Yes, as long as that particular container is exchangeable there. For example, Jason’s BBQ up the street uses larger containers, we don’t accept those here, and he doesn’t accept coffee cups. Also, Gwendolyn’s Cafe has 5 locations and has decided to have her own cups branded with her logo. Those can’t be returned here obviously.”


Morgan – “How do they get washed?”

Lupe – “To be accepted into the program, facilities are reviewed by DreamZero staff to assure that facilities are equipped with the proper wash equipment that meets health codes and DreamZero has a number of further standards that they must meet and prove regularly. This is done to assure customers that containers are sanitary and that they can trust all participating businesses. And it works! They audited us last week and we learned so much about how to prevent contamination and assure safe and clean workspaces.”

Morgan – “What if I don’t have the appropriate type of washer?”

Lupe – “Yes, well Gwendalon Cafe doesn’t have a washer either, so they contract DreamZero to pick up the dishes, wash them in one of their facilities, and then return them clean and ready to rock!!”

Morgan – “What if someone wants to return a container and exchange for another but I don’t have anymore?”

Lupe – “Well then Morgon, that’s a sign that the program is working, isn’t it! In that case, you could offer them one of DreamZero’s customized DZ SIP Cups, or worse case a regular disposable cup. But people don’t want those anymore after they’ve tried the high-quality DZ TO GO, you’ll switch over in no time”

Morgan – “What if someone returns a broken container”

Lupe – “We don’t accept broken containers. We all share the responsibility to take care of the containers, just like we all take responsibility to take care of the planet 🙂 

Morgon – “How do I handle tip out, taxes, my POS system and delivery and pickup app integration?

Lupe – “DreamZero’s team has all the answers for these, they were very helpful in informing the model that works best for us. If you need more info Morgon you should send them an email at! or go to this link to see what container options they have available.”