DZ SIP is the gateway to reusables

Your customers want an inexpensive, quick and easy way to not make waste. Build the habit of your customers to bring their own container (or help them out with an option for when they forget their reusable mug) with the DZ SIP, a quality and customizable reusable for final sale.

  • Simple – Custom logo, custom color, single wall, fits standard sleeves.
  • Inexpensive – $1.80-1.90 (depending on customizations), makes selling to your customers at $2.50/ea. very affordable.
  • Minimum order is 2000 cups.
  • Polypropylene – BPA free, food-grade, fully recyclable at end-of-life.

Many cups and size options are available, send a message to to learn your options.

How does DZ SIP work?

This is Morgan, he owns a cafe and does not have a commercial dishwasher.

Morgan explains to his customers and staff how they plan to cut waste by leveraging the sale of inexpensive yet effective reusable cups.

Staff – “Hey Boss, whats that!?

Morgan – “Well, you’ve all been asking for a way to cut waste and so I’ve decided to bring in DreamZero’s SIP Cup, check it out!!”

Staff – “How does it work?”

Morgan – “Well, you know how sometimes customers forget their reusables cups, and how we want to get help our customers build the habit of bringing back their cups frequently, right. We can use this cup to help our customers build that habit.

Some options we can use to encourage this behaviour include:
– We can start charging more for the disposable cups and give customers with reusables the standard price. (Best option as it also reduces loss per sale to reusables)
– We can offer random draws of a free cookie to those who bring in a Morgan’s Cafe Cup!
– DreamZero provides us with updates of what is working for other businesses like ours 🙂

Staff – “Sweet!! DreamZero provides tips too?”

Morgan – “Yep, DreamZero provides a guide to remind baristas of all the ways to prevent contamination of our equipment and/or the customer’s mugs by following these simple steps. This is key to a successful program, and the health department loves it! They also like the simple to understand disclaimers we have at the till. DreamZero really thought of everything!”

Staff – “Word! Looks like a quality cup”

Morgan – “ Oh yeah, they last for hundreds of washes and are 100% recyclable in municipal systems, so even at their end-of-life they can be disposed of properly!”

Staff – “Can they be customized?”

Morgon – “Yes! Just like ours here. Stores can pick the color of plastic (but not black, because it cannot be recycled!) and and logo design.”

Staff – “WHOA!! How can they be orderd? Like, for other stores?”

Morgon – “Simple –”