Branded or Unbranded

Create custom branded reusable cups or rent Dream Zero cups

Deposit System

At the event, customers pay an additional $1-2 for their cup when they buy a beverage. The customer can later return their cup for a full refund or keep the cup as a souvenir.

Wash and Storage

After the event, we wash the cups, store them and/or return them to the venue. Damaged cups are recycled.

Reduced Size

Ditch Disposables and Earn Revenue for your Event

With Dream Zero’s deposit program, you can turn the cost of buying disposable cups into additional revenues by:

  • Selling advertising space on cups with sponsor logos
  • Unreturned cups (lost/kept as a souvenir) represent a sale and profit margin of almost 300%
  • Reduced garbage collection expenses at the end of the event

Environmental Impact

Sticking around after an event is over is not a pretty sight. A beautiful park or arena can easily look like a landfill full of plastic waste once the entertainment stops.

By washing and reusing cups, your event eliminates single-use plastic waste, protecting our oceans and environment.